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3 Reasons to Give

Thanks to the amazing generosity of a private donor, all donations from now through the end of the year will be matched up a total of $25,000.

1. Gifts up to $50 will be matched 2 to 1!  For example, $25 = $50. $45 = $90.

2. Gifts of $50 up to $100 will be matched 1 to 1!  $50 = $100. $75 = $150.

3. Gifts of $100 or more will be matched 1 to 1 AND we will donate a copy of Edward S. Curtis: Unpublished Plains to a Great Plains tribal library.



If you've created a donor-advised fund at a financial or investment institution, go here to learn about the easiest way to support our work.

Giving monthly is the most effective way to support our important programs, PLUS you get special benefits by joining our Legacy Sustainers program. Click the button above to learn more.

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