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Unpublished Plains Book Cover
Unpublished Plains Book Title
Our newest book contains almost 200 previously unpublished Edward Curtis photographs of Native Americans of the Great Plains region. Due to time and money constraints, these amazing images weren’t included in Curtis’s twenty-volume masterpiece, The North American Indian

We're also featuring nearly a dozen engaging conversations with Native men and women who now live in the places where Curtis photographed.

Included with the photographs and conversations are selections from memoirs written by Edward, his son Harold, and his daughter, Florence. 

Together, these photographs, conversations, and memoirs create an unforgettable journey from more than 100 years ago to the present day.

This publication would not have been possible without the generous support of Tim Peterson.

We are very grateful to Julie Melville for her gift that allowed us to acquire some of the related research materials.

Many thanks to the Lacy Foundation for their funding to support the exhibition at the Buena Vista Heritage Museum.
Unpublished Plains inside of book photo and text sample
Unpublished Plains includes nearly 200 previously unpublished Edward Curtis photographs, plus conversations with:

Lisa Fryett – Piegan
​Chief Henry Red Cloud – Ogala Lakota
Timothy Reevis – Blackfeet
Jeane Elder Rhodes – Dakota
Chief John Spotted Tail – Sicangu Lakota (
Rosebud Sioux Tribe)
Tamara Stands and Looks Back Spotted-Tail – Sicangu Lakota (Rosebud Sioux Tribe)
Nelson Turtle – Southern Cheyenne
Peter VanDenBerg – Blackfeet
Vernon Whiteman
 Runs Him – Crow
Dorren Yellow Bird –  Sahnish (
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