Title: The Scout - Apache

Image Size: 12”x15.75”

Outside dimensions: 18.75” x 22.75” 


This photogravure print is the first edition of Remastered Originals made by the Curtis Legacy Foundation of Edward S. Curtis’ work originating in the early 1900s. This reproduction, made from actual vintage glass plate negatives from the Curtis Studio, is hand-signed and dated by John Edward Graybill, the great-grandson of Edward Curtis. 


This print is released on October 31, 2019 on Hahnemühle Cooperplate Fine Art paper using Gamlin Etching Ink. Cone Editions in Topsham, Vermont, created this photogravure under the direct instruction and participation of the foundation. 


Special Instructions: It is highly suggested that this artwork be framed and protected from dust and air contaminates. Avoid direct sunlight on your print. All copyright and reproduction rights are reserved by the Curtis Legacy Foundation.


A portion of your purchase may be tax deductible; you should consult a tax adviser for more information regarding this. A charitable contribution letter will accompany your purchase.

The Scout - Apache

SKU: TSA2019

© 2019 by  The Curtis Legacy Foundation

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