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Almost 200 previously unpublished Edward Curtis images of Native Americans of the Great Plains region have now entered the public eye. These tucked-away photographs weren’t initially chosen for Curtis’ 20-volume The North American Indian.  Now, see a portion of the pictures that Curtis ultimately did not choose. 


The Curtis Legacy Foundation has met many incredible Native American people from across the country who have thanked us for the treasure of Curtis’ work. These meetings have led to friendships, which have opened the door to beautiful, heartwarming, and engaging conversations. We want to share some of these conversations with you. Above all, we know it is vital that you get to hear their thoughts and stories in their  own words.


Passed down through the Curtis family for generations are also fragments of memoirs written by Edward, his son Harold, and daughter Florence. Be amazed at the stories not only of Curtis’ personal travels but also of how his children remember their childhoods and traveling alongside him. What an adventure for all. 

Edward S. Curtis: Unpublished Plains

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