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  • Coleen Graybill

Speaking and Visiting Cañon de Chelly

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

John presenting to New Mexico Professional Photographers
Antelope House
L to R: Coleen, Ben, John

John Graybill, was asked to speak to the New Mexico Professional Photographers Association in October, 2018. After his talk about Curtis and the Navajos that Curtis photographed in this area, they went on a group tour into the Cañon. Their tour guide, Ben Teller, ended up being a Descendant of two Navajos in the “Cañon de Chelly” image by Edward Curtis! Ben and his family own the Antelope House in the Cañon. John and Coleen have plans to talk to him again in the spring about photographing him on his property.

After talking with several Natives from the area, they found 3 Descendants pretty easily. Due to the Cañon being a National Monument and a Navajo Reservation though, they found out they need permits from both to photograph in the Cañon for their project as well as permission to interview and film Navajo peoples. So they got contacts and will have to plan a return trip at a later date.

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