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Kickstarter Preview and FAQ

Just to give you a teaser of what’s to come… This is a rough draft (subject to change) of our Kickstarter Campaign so you can plan ahead!

Why can’t I get one today? You can NOT pledge your donation/purchase/reserve photogravures prior to when the campaign goes LIVE this coming Monday, June 17th at 5pm. I know you are as excited as we are, but patience grasshopper.

What is Kickstarter? Kickstarter is a online crowdfunding company. Instead of trying to find a venture capitalist to invest in your company, you raise the money needed for your project by generous donations from the public.

How does this all work? We have set a goal of $25,000 to print 60 photogravures and then have 28 days to raise the money before our deadline of July 15th. We expect to entice potential consumers with a many different pledging levels. If you keep scrolling down this very long blog post… keep going… keep going… lol, you will find all the different donation levels and what the thank you gift is for that level. The money raised will cover the cost of all the thank you gifts, the 60 photogravures and shipping of everything.

What if you don’t raise enough money? The nice thing about the Kickstarter system is that it’s all-or-nothing:

Your credit card isn’t charged until the project meets its goal.If we don’t get enough pledges to pay for the printing, that tells us that there isn’t enough interest and that we shouldn’t waste our money.This protects YOU in that you aren’t donating to something that not enough money was raised for to bring the project to full fruition.

Why are there different prices for the photogravures? If you are thinking you would like one of these photogravures, there are only 6 of each print that will be offered at the Early Bird pledge level… another 10 at a higher amount. Bottom line is, don’t drag your feet! These will never again be offered at these prices.You are helping us get them printed, and we are very grateful, so we are giving you a special deal!

Where do I go when the campaign goes live on the 17th at 5pm? Here’s the link you will need: Remastered Original Photogravures by Edward Curtis

Other than our profile, nothing will show up at that link until it goes live. If you have questions, please contact us! It will help us fine tune before the actual kickoff.


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