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In the Eyes of a Curtis Researcher

As we wind down 2019, we are often reminded of the importance of our Foundation's work. Marna Murray, a Curtis researcher and lecturer, had these words to say about the Curtis Legacy Foundation:

“Since becoming aware of Edward Curtis and his work nearly 20 years ago, I recently spent five years researching, interviewing, and lecturing on Curtis.  The highlight of this experience was meeting John and Coleen Graybill at the 2018 Symposium in Seattle.  Their efforts with the Descendants Project stood at a nascent form at the time.  It has blossomed beyond belief with the discovery of actual subjects of Curtis’s images as well as many descendants. 

This work is unparalleled beginning with Curtis’s remark to his colleague Grinnell, “I want them to live forever . . .” to Graybill’s efforts to show that they have.  The North American Indian tribes defied the common beliefs of the 20th century that they were a dying race.  The 21st century Curtis Legacy Foundation documents their continuance, both individually in the photographs of descendants and as result collectively as well.”

We appreciate all your support and comments. We also need funds to continue our work of interviewing and photographing these very important Native descendants. Just as in Curtis' time, their stories need to be told. Their stories tell personal truths of their own life experiences and give us a better awareness and understanding of how this amazing culture has not only survived but is flourishing in the 21st century.

Please make your tax deductible donation today or purchase one of our Remastered Original Photogravures from our gift shop.

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