Edward Curtis’ Burial Site

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

Edward Sherriff Curtis's resting place

Headstone rubbing John made

Water feature the Curtis family looks down upon

Just imagine the comfort you would feel if you were able to visualize the place where your loved ones who had left long ago, were at rest. Something that has always been on John’s bucket list was to make a rubbing of his great-grandfather Edward Curtis’ gravestone. He finally made that happen. 

Edward is laid to rest along side two of his children, Hal and Beth and their spouses in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Glendale, CA. What a beautiful and peaceful place. Resting under three large conifers, the Curtis family overlooks a little valley of green and water fountain that brings an amazing sense of serenity. 

John and Coleen laid a red rose on Edward’s marker, white ones on the men’s and pink roses for the ladies. After so many years of thinking about this moment, it was quite surreal to actually be there. RIP Curtis family.

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