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  • Coleen Graybill

Edward Curtis and the Descendants Project in Aspen!

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Mia Valley of Valley Fine Art in Aspen, Colorado held a very successful Benefit Night for the foundation February 14th & 15th! This gallery has been one of the premier Edward Curtis dealers in the world for over 20 years. We were honored that Mia wanted to help bring more attention to the Descendants Project and to help the Curtis Legacy Foundation.

With 150-200 people coming through the gallery on these two nights, John & I had the chance to talk with a lot of people. Curtis enthusiasts were eager to hear not only John's personal family stories, but about the Descendants that we have worked with so far. We loved sharing their stories and telling of the connections between them and their ancestors.

We walked away from the event with many new friends, followers, volunteers and we are especially grateful for all the donations we also received. A huge thank you goes out to Mia of Valley Fine Art for helping us get these Descendants' stories out to the world!

Here's a link to a story one of the local newspapers did on the foundation.

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