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A Light So Bright

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

There are spirits hard at work all around me. Spirits leading me on a path I never envisioned. Ancient spirits setting the foundation of great things yet to happen. This is the path I find myself now on, not fully knowing why or understanding how, yet I know in my heart this is what is meant to be.

Our Descendants Project brought us to Pine Ridge, SD to meet Henry Red Cloud, recently named the new Chief Henry Red Cloud. Henry shared with me in a recent interview that he didn’t think he was ready to lead his people, to be Chief of the Lakota. Yet I found myself awe struck with a light so bright in Henry that it left me no doubt this is the right man, at the right time in the right place to lead his people to safety and a prosperity for which their current generation has never known.

I encourage everyone of you to do a little research and enlighten yourself as to the conditions at Pine Ridge. Open your mind, open your heart - see it from their eyes. Use grandpa google and enlighten yourself.

Against all odds, Chief Henry Red Cloud is building a future for generations yet to come. Looking for seven generations of sustainability, Henry is working to teach his people how to "get out of line" and make their own destiny. No more waiting for someone else to step in and save them.

Henry is hard at work teaching his people:

1. How to grow their own nutritious food in an effort to combat the rampart diabetic problem facing the reservation.

2. Reforestation to create a healthier environment to live in. Reforestation

The greenhouse pictured in this article lays in ruins after the bomb cyclone of 2019.

3. Most significantly Chief Henry Red Cloud is teaching his proud people of the Lakota Nation (and tribes across the nation) to become Solar Warriors and how to harvest the energy of the sun. He operates Lakota Solar Enterprises which builds solar-air furnaces and provides green job training to Native American communities throughout the US. He told us that his people have given thanks to the sun for centuries for all it provides to them, so it makes so much sense that Henry says "This is a new way to honor the old ways."

For more information and to learn how you can help, visit:

"With coffee all things are possible." ~ Chief Henry Red Cloud

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