A Guide to the Books and Portfolios of The North American Indian

Many scholars and authors have written about Edward S. Curtis and his “big dream,”  and the breadth and depth of that research continues to increase. As the historical, ethnological, and artistic values of The North American Indian are further explored, it is important for everyone involved to have a common understanding of what makes up the physical books and portfolios that comprise the publication.


This guide serves as an introduction to the publication and a reference source for anyone wanting to learn more about the details of the bookmaking art that is infused throughout The North American Indian. It is not intended to be authoritative in its scope, but it provides a sound starting point for archivists, collectors, curators, librarians, and others who want to learn more about the overall body of work.

This PDF copy is available at no charge. If you'd like to purchase a printed copy, it is available on MagCloud for $10.00, plus shipping.

Click to view or download the publication.

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