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Cover of Book Unpublished Alaska
Title of book Unpublished Alaska
Hard-bound, 295 pages, including more than 100 photographs, maps, and the entire personal journals of Edward Curtis and his daughter, Beth, as they made a harrowing journey up the west coast of Alaska in a 40-foot boat.

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Excerpts from a review of the book by David James in the Anchorage Daily News, December 3, 2022.
Curtis was a renowned photographer who spent decades pursuing a project titled “The North American Indian,” a 20-volume series documenting Native Americans across the continent during the early 20th century. His trip to Alaska was the final journey for the final volume, and it produced more photos than could be included. Now, thanks to the Curtis Legacy Foundation and Coleen Graybill, the wife of Curtis’ great-grandson John Edward Graybill, more than 100 of these mostly unseen images can be found in “Unpublished Alaska,” a wonderful addition to any library of Alaska history.
As with any historic document, some of the diary entries are impolitic by today’s standards, but this should not diminish the importance of this book. The Curtises were traveling through a world foreign to the nation that held it. They documented it and humanized it in ways that made it accessible to Americans, and hopefully, helped build understanding. And their work left us with an understanding of their time and how it led to ours. “Unpublished Alaska” has much to offer.
Selected Pages from Unpublished Alaska
Table of contents of the Unpublished Alaska book
Map of the 1927 trip by Edward Curtis and his daughter, Beth, to the west coast of Alaska.
Pages 18-19 of the Unpublished Alaska book.
Pages 140-141 of the Unpublished Alaska book.

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