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Aaron Brien

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Aaron Brien - Crow

Goes Ahead, photographed by Edward S. Curtis (left) and Aaron Brien,
photographed by John Graybill for The Descendants Project (right)

Descendants photo © Curtis Legacy Foundation 2022

Aaron Brien with John Graybill leaning on a camera

Aaron Brien


Recently, John and Coleen had the pleasure of meeting Aaron Brien (Crow) who is a descendant of Goes Ahead–a scout for Custer at the Battle of the Little Bighorn, June 25-26, 1876.

Aaron is the Cultural Preservation Officer for the Crow Tribal Nation and has studied Curtis’s work extensively. He is very appreciative of the photographer's time spent documenting members of the Crow Nation. We were honored to photograph him next to the Little Bighorn River in Crow Agency, Montana.

We'll be posting more about his story soon.

Photo: Aaron Brien with John Graybill during the Descendants photo session, by Coleen Graybill.

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