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Descendants Project

The Descendants Projects amplifies the voices of Native Peoples whose ancestors were photographed by Edward Curtis more than 100 years ago.  For the past four years, we've reached out to living descendants and asked their permission to interview, photograph, and videotape them as they spoke about their experiences as Native People in the 21st century. With their permission, we plan to publish their stories so that others may learn more about the many aspects of Native Cultures today. 

Curtis Census

The Curtis Census, a project of the Curtis Legacy Foundation, is an effort to identify and locate all known sets and volumes of The North American Indian. Published by Edward  Curtis from 1907 to 1930, The North American Indian was planned to be a limited edition of 500 sets. Due to the extremely high cost of the publication and the prolonged publication cycle, it’s thought that no more than 300 complete or partial sets were finally printed. This census will determine, as accurately as possible, the actual number of complete or partial sets that were printed and their present locations.

Knowledge Center

The Curtis Legacy Foundation is the centralized reference source for scholars, researchers, authors, and others who are interested in finding out more about Edward S. Curtis. We collect and publish historical documents, scholarly articles, Curtis family stories, and other materials that are difficult or impossible to find elsewhere.

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